Bespoke Funeral Repatriation Packages – The Silver Package

As a mid-range repatriation package, our silver option provides great value for money, while offering the same high-standard of service. It includes a ‘Jessup’ casket, which is available in three beautiful designs to suit both ladies and gentlemen.

An American-Style Casket

The ‘Jessup’ casket has independently opening lids, which reveal a white or ivory crepe lining. Each has a self-coloured or gold fixed bar handle. They are made from 20-gauge steel, and measure 82x27x23 inches (outside measurements). All our metal caskets comply with airline regulations, as a rubber gasket hermetically seals the casket with the simple turn of a locking handle.

Meeting Your Needs

A range of packages are available to suit your current situation. We want you to be completely satisfied with our repatriation services, so we do everything that we can to help. Further packages are available below:

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