Worldwide Funeral Repatriation Services – The Platinum Package

The platinum funeral repatriation package features three of our premium caskets; the 'Da Vinci’, the 'Puritan', and the 'Windsor'. These caskets personify elegance, maintaining a dignified appearance throughout any travel arrangements. Our team are happy to discuss your needs in person or over the phone, as we provide a professional service that is tailored around your requests.

The Da Vinci

The ‘Da Vinci’ is an elegant casket, finished in a rich glossy brown and complemented by brushed-bronze highlights. Its bronze fixed bar handle is perfectly matched by the last supper plaques and pieta sculptures, which sit on each corner. With its ivory-velvet interior, which features a quilted pillow, liner, and inner lid, this casket is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.

The Puritan

The 'Puritan' is a beautifully understated casket in a brushed-bronze finish. The fixed bar handle is highlighted by last supper plaques and the pieta, which sits at each corner. An interior of ivory velvet features a ruched pillow, liner, and inner lid. It’s a tasteful casket that is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.

The Windsor

The 'Windsor' is a richly coloured mahogany veneer casket with gold-coloured bar handles and fittings. It is zinc-lined for repatriation, in accordance with airline regulations. The zinc lining features a sealed inner lid, which has a viewing window to the face and chest. This is the perfect choice for families who want their loved one to be protected whilst viewed. A white or ivory satin lining and pillow is matched by the lining on the inner top lid.

Important Information

Both the 'Da Vinci' and 'Puritan' caskets are made from 20-gauge steel. They also have independently opening lids. The outside measurements of both caskets are 83.5x28.5x23 inches. A rubber gasket is closed by a locking handle, which hermetically seals the casket lid for air travel. 

The 'Windsor' casket is made from solid wood, which is FSC certified and finished with a deep high-gloss mahogany veneer. The inside measurement is a standard 6'2"x22"x14". Other sizes are available on a made-to-order basis.

Further Services

If the platinum package isn’t suitable, we also provide a range of cost-effective options to suit your needs. View them below:

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