The Gold Standard in Repatriation Packages

Choose from four beautiful colourways of our ‘Warren’ high-quality caskets in our gold repatriation package; Black, white gold, all white and white pink. We understand that organising a funeral repatriation service is difficult, which is why we provide an empathetic service that functions around your needs. Costs and specific requests are considered, resulting in an option that truly meets your requirements.

Heavenly White

The 'Heavenly White' casket has a glossy white exterior, with a pure white crepe pillow and lining. On the inside of the upper lid sits a gold bible. The white swing bar handle has gold hinges, which complement the gold and white corner decorations, featuring gold crosses and praying hands. As the casket as a neutral colourway, it is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.

Angel Mercury

Our pretty 'Angel Mercury' casket is the perfect choice for ladies. The soft pink crepe interior matches the subtle pink highlights on the glossy white exterior. As well as this, the silver coloured fixed bar handle complements the cherubs that sit at each corner.

Premier Packages

Both caskets in our gold package are made from 20-gauge steel, and they measure 83x28x23 inches (outside measurement). They also have independently opening lids. If you’re looking for further options, please view our range of repatriation packages:

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